This announcement is to let all Advanced Web Service customers know that we have upgraded our servers!As you may know, until now, we have been hosting sites on a shared server with some limitations that hampered performance a bit... but no longer!We have now upgraded to a dedicated VPS and you should notice MUCH faster load times for your ... Read More »

26th Aug 2020
SSL Expiration Notification

Dear Valued Customer,You may have recently received a notice that the SSL certificate for your domain has expired.... this is a notification that was automatically generated with the most recent upgrade of cpanel software on the server. Although this may look alarming, in most cases, this certificate was not being used and not needed, so no ... Read More »

9th Mar 2018
FIrst of the year updates have been installed

We have gone through all sites hosted by Advanced Web Service and updated all wordpress engines, plugins and themes... special thanks to and for taking the time to make sure that their site was already up to date.

15th Jan 2017
Guide to Updating Your Credit Card

We have created a new guide to updating your payment source to a new credit card in PayPal to help keep your hosting account active and working properly. You can access that guide HERE or though our Knowledgebase.

27th Jan 2016
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