Changing a subscription payment to a new Credit or Debit Card

Changing a subscription payment source in PayPal

One of the biggest problems customers seem to have is when a new credit card is issued because the old one either was cancelled or has simply expired. If the credit card is being used to pay for the web hosting subscription, it must be added or updated in the paypal account in order to keep the subscription going.

However.... simply adding the credit card sometimes is not enough.

There are settings inside each payapl subscription that must be changed to point to the newly added card, or the subscription status is still in danger of being cancelled.

As many of our customers are not aware of this procedure, I have added this handy guide on how to properly update your credit card in PayPal and point the funding source of the subscription to the new card.

Here are the steps:

1. Log into your PayPal Account and click the "My PayPal" link

log in

2. Click the "Money" link in the nav and choose "Link a card" if the card is a new one, OR if the card is the same with a new expiration date, click the existing card on file.

3. Add the details of the new card or update the existing card and click "save"
Update Card

Add a card

4. Once the new card is added or updated, find the latest transaction or payment to the subscription service in your summary (should either be labeled Advanced Web Service or Sky's The Limit) and click it.

Latest Transaction

5. This should take you to the Transaction Deatails panel below. Click the "My preapproved payments" link.
Transaction Details

6. This should bring up the list of preapproved payments where you will find the subscription. Click the subscription in the left column.
preapproved payments

7. In the subscription details panel, choose the new card or account for the payment source as shown below and click save.
Subscription Details

Once that is complete, the next recurring attempt should use the new source for the payment.

If you still have trouble with this process or your account gets cancelled, you can send a ticket here and we will help you sign up and get the account going again.

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