DNS Settings for your domain

DNS settings to point your domain to our servers.

Once you have signed up for a hosting account, you will need to point the DNS settings for your domain to our servers for us to host your site.

1. Log into your DOMAIN account. This would be the account at the website where you REGISTERED THE DOMAIN. It could be godaddy or some other registrar. If you registered your domain using our third party service, you can log in here. If you cannot remember your account password, submit a support ticket here.

2. Find your domain and look for the DNS setting. The domain will probably already be pointing to name servers, they may start with NS1.xxxxx . Change those values to:

3. once the changes are submitted, it may take a few hours for the changes to propagate to all the ISPs, so give it 24 -48 hours to be sure, but most of the time it is pretty quick. Once it propagates, your domain will be pointed to our servers and you are ready to start developing your website.
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